Sun Staches

These are a new and fun creative way to wear sunglasses for the whole family. They have all types of character available and even sell them in party packs...can you say best party favor ever! These are definitely lots of fun and I highly recommend them. We have a Pirate, Princess Tiana, Cinderella and Paw Patrol glasses but we definitely need to add more to out collection. Here is the Link to brows or purchase your own glasses.


Bixbee Buzz gifted us this super cute and fun backpack and Alexia loved it! Of course she loves it because it's glittery and pink but this mama also loves it because it's so roomy and she can carry her water bottle on the side pocket. But did you know that for every backpack purchased Bixbee donates a schoolbag with supplies to a kid in need? Not only do they have super cute backpack but through the power of business they are working towards solving social and environmental problems. Their new 2019 collections include fun character sleeping bags and kids luggage...Yes please!

Bixbee backpack

Newly released Sleeping bags

Cozy Phones

Am I the only mom that has a hard time finding comfortable ear phones my kiddo can use? I have hit the headphone jackpot and want to share them with you! They will keep your kiddos ears warm, they can move around without them falling out of place, or bothering their ears/head. As a bonus, they are super cute and come in different fun characters. What is not to love about them! Alexia was gifted the panda ones and has already used them and loves them. This is another perfect stocking stuffer that anyone can use. Click on the link to see what other goodies they offer.

Happy Feet

The days are getting colder now, specially in the mornings and if you have hardwood floors or tile in your house like I do, you know they get super cold. During this fun event we were gifted these awesome looking slipper since it was a shoe free zone. Alexia got these super fun ones from The Nightmare Before Christmas and I got Princess Tiana ones. The ones I got are actually the first zip on, zip off interchangeable slipper.  Four tops and two bottoms gives you up to 3 potential design combos by mixing and matching the 4 tops. How fun right? See which ones you and your kiddos will be using these cold morning link.


Bumkins carry waterproof bibs, reusable bags and mealtime fun dishes and utensils for those little babes. They come in all different characters and designs. These make perfect gift for those little babes not only because they are cute but functional. Definitely check them out if you have a little babe in your life by clicking on this link.

California Creations

Have you heard of baby shark, Who hasn't right? Well they carry baby shark mini plushies that any kiddo who is fan of the baby shark song would love. To see what other fun Baby Shark items they have available, follow this link.

Original Stomp Rocket

These toys keep kiddos active and perform amazing tricks. They are 100% kid powered and require no batteries. Their tag line is run.jump.stomp. Any toy that helps keep my kiddo active and helps release all her energy is a winner in my books. They even have some hand held rockets that are also 100% kid powered and will keep them entertained for hours. We were gifted one of these and as soon as we got home Alexia opened it and started playing with it. See for yourself all the styles they have on this link.

Drinks and Treats

A party isn't a party without food right? Well we did not have a shortage of goodies during this fun halloween event. I have linked all their pages so you can see for yourself all the goodies we enjoyed and keep them in mind for your future party or get together.

All these goodie kept us parents and kiddos energized to keep up with all the fun and were so delicious. Definitely Alexia and Mom approved.

Gifts For The Not So Little Ones In Your Life

So many awesome things for the Kiddos right? We didn't just get to see toys for the little ones but we also saw gifts for the rest of the people in your life. I went ahead and linked each company for you to take a look.

Hope this review gives you a little insight on what a fun event this was but more importantly of all the awesome things these brands have to offer. Hope you were able to learn about some new brands or products you can use in your personal life or to gift this holiday season.

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or send me a private message.

Talk to you later!

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