Then we had the Skills Challenge. This is where all the trucks competed and showed off their best stunts. Who was the winner you ask? The winner was Avenger with an amazing 2 wheel Wheelie across the mount of dirt. See for yourself!

Then came the Freestyle competitions. You guys, this was our favorite part! Many of the drivers made us gasp in amazement while others made us scared out of our wits like this one with Grave Digger...

Luckily no one was hurt...well none of the drivers at least. By this time some of the trucks were undriveable, had parts flying off, and tires blown out. This is where all the drivers gave it their all. This was a hard competition, there were several that amazed us but El Toro Loco came on top with some high jumps no truck that size should be able to do and landing an awesome yet frightening front flip. Check it out in this next video!

The Audience scored all the competitors on the skills and freestyle competitions with the use of our phones. We were the judges! This kind of interaction added so much more excitement to the event. Alexia was so excited and quick to play judge and score every competitor after they completed their turn.

At the end, the point system decided who the over all winner was. Based on the highest points the overall winner was Avenger!

Now that you know how amazing this whole experience was, are you ready to buy your tickets? This is something you and your family have to experience for yourselves. To see the full schedule of upcoming events follow this link or for Anaheim events follow this link Monster Jam-Anaheim

Don't forget you can use code MJMOM20 to get $5.00 off each ticket purchase.


Things to keep in mind:

Hope the information I have provided is helpful. Have you visited or are you planning to visit Monster Jam? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you later!

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