Coding Jam:

With this coding game your kiddos will also learn coding fundamentals by making music. Kiddos get to put together coding commands to compose their own sounds and beats. This game is perfect for kiddos who love music! Your kiddo can arrange the Osmo coding blocks into different patterns to change the beats. They can save what they create and even email them to share their new musical creation with friends and family. This game comes with 23 Osmo coding blocks. I have added a video down below to give you a visual. This game is so fun and musical! Watch the video and you will be able to see just how much my daughter loves this game.

Pizza Co.:

Let your kiddo run their own pizza shop! They get to quickly cook pizza for customers but more importantly they get to practice calculating change using money tiles as well as learning how to Invest profits to upgrade their shop. Super cool right?! Kiddos can practice addition, subtraction and their fraction skills. Best part is it automatically adjust to your kiddos ability so their math skills grow with them. My daughter loves playing this game! She loves the idea of working with customer and creating pizza! I love it because it helps her work and improve her money counting skills. See for yourself how this game works in the video below.

Super Studio Disney Frozen 2:

If you have a Disney Frozen fan at home like I do, I highly recommend the Super Studio Frozen 2 game. Alexia loves using her imagination and making Olaf come to life along with the rest of the frozen gang. She becomes the artist with step by step instructions. Your kiddo will get to animate their very own Disney show while learning fundamental drawing techniques. This game comes with a super marker, super sweeper and a super sketchpad with over 30 pages. Your kiddo will get to draw with the super marker on the sketchpad and see their creations come to life on the screen. We love this game because it encourages creativity and her love for art.

Detective Agency:

Have your kiddo be a detective and explore the world from the comfort of your home. This game comes with 8 maps, map holder and a magnifying glass. This game allows your kiddo to discover the world by learning about famous cities, their landmarks, history and culture. In order to solve the mystery they need to focus, work on their observation skills, and pay attention to detail. The level of difficulty is determined by your kiddos age which the games asks in the beginning. Just like all the other Osmo games, this game grows with your kiddo as their skills improve. What I love about this game? I love that it helps my daughter learn about geography, history, and culture. During the game it gives you fun facts about the country you are solving the mystery in and I found that so amazing. I myself even learned a few things while watching my daughter play.

Genius Numbers:

This game comes with physical tiles that have dots and digits. Your kiddos can work on their subtraction, addition and multiplication based on the mode. As they complete levels and get more comfortable they move on to the next level all at their own pace without feeling pressured. They can practice their subtraction by removing tiles, addition by adding tiles and multiplications by connecting tiles together. They do this all while having fun collection beautiful fish as rewards. We are always looking for ways to make math fun so this is a fun and easy way to do so.


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Giveaway ends March 31st at midnight and winner will be chosen at random and announced April 1st on my instagram stories so make sure you are following.

We love Osmo and have yet to come across a game my daughter doesn't enjoy. Osmo games are fun, educational, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve kids learning experience. To learn more about some of the other games we don’t own yet but are definitely planning to add to our collection follow this link Osmo Games. Osmo has 13+ games to help with different subjects that are interactive and keep kids interested in learning. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment down below.


Ready to learn more about Osmo or get your very own? Follow this link Osmo. It’s mom and Alexia approved.

Talk to you later!

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31. März 2020

thanks for the review! Stacy started using Osmo this week and she loves it!

Gefällt mir

Jennifer Dowd
Jennifer Dowd
28. März 2020

I love Osmo. I only have played Pizza Co with my nephew but love how cute it is! I’ll definitely look into the rest.

Gefällt mir

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