Another thing I love is that not only do they provide assistance during the scheduled class time but they are also available for extra assistance after class. They provide the kiddos with additional work to reinforce the lesson and always encourage us parents to reach out to them for any extra help or questions.

It's a 1 hour class a week but really feels like you have so much more than just that and what parent wouldn't love that. To say that they go above and beyond to make sure the lesson is understood is an understatement.

During these difficult times when many of us are afraid that our kiddos are falling behind on their learning and not sure when or if our kiddos will go back to a traditional classroom, this new Osmo Live Bootcamp has been a blessing. I really feel like this math bootcamp has given Alexia the extra help and confidence she needs while doing it in the true Osmo fashion...keeping it fun, interactive, and educational.

You're now asking yourself, ok im interested now what? It's really easy all you have to do now is:

  1. Register here

  2. You can now join the waitlist.

  3. Stay tuned for more on @playosmo IG

  4. You will receive instructions via email

And that's it! Told you it was easy! I really hope you and your kiddos enjoy the classes as much as we did. I say we, because I loved watching Alexia get excited about a math class.

If you found this helpful...feel free to like it, leave me a comment, share it, or pin it.

For more information and a personal review on some of OSMO's games go HERE

Talk to you later!

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Jennifer Dowd
Jennifer Dowd
17 jul 2020

I love Osmo and I find it beneficial when I usevitceuthbkt nephew. So looks so happy playing and learning. Way to go mama!

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