Tunnel Log

This is a tree that fell on December 1937 which they turned into a tunnel. You can drive through it or if its not busy, you can do what we did and park on the side of the road. You can take a picture under the tunnel or even climb on top like I did.

Tunnel Rock

This is located a little past the Three Rivers entrance and its a good spot for a quick picture. Just park on the side of the road and run to snap that first picture of the day.

As you can tell by the pictures we had an amazing time and look forward to visiting again to be able and do other hikes we weren't able to on our 2 day park visit. Here are some general information to know before you visit. Also, all of these places can be found on the map they give you when you first enter the park. Make sure you keep that map with you at all times.

Here is a picture of the map. The green checkmarks are all the places I talked about. Hope this helps you locate them once you're there.

Hope you find this post helpful in planning your visit to the park. We had an amazing time exploring the natural beauty all around us and hope you have a fun and memorable experience as well.

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