Let me start by telling you all about their renovations!

Heated Luxury Lounge Chairs

Lets talk about, in my opinion, the real star of the night...their newly installed heated luxury lounge chairs. The chairs are sleek, comfortable, plush, oversized chairs with footrests. They are electric powered and with a push of a button I was able to recline my chair as much or as little as I wanted. The lounge chairs have 3 heat settings that allowed me to choose just the right amount of warmth to keep me comfortable during the whole movie. One light lights up for low level, 2 light up for medium, and 3 for high. This feature pretty much guarantees you will never be cold at this theater and we all know theaters are known for getting cold. All of the auditoriums feature these luxury chairs as well as cup holders and a tray you can easily move around.

I think its safe to say the heated lounge chairs are my favorite upgrade but there are many more where that came from. Lets talk about the Cafe.


Inside the theater they have a cafe which they expanded during their remodel. They added more available seating for us to enjoy all of their delicious food, snacks, and beverages. Speaking of beverages did you know they have a full bar? They have draft or bottled beer and white or red wine. Don't feel like having alcohol, they also carry Starbucks! Most of our favorite Starbucks drinks are available for that extra pick me up. If you're tired you might need some coffee because those lounge chairs are ridiculously comfortable, haha. Of course they didn't forget the kiddos! There's Dreyer's Ice cream, milkshakes and hot chocolate for them to enjoy. They also carry the usual goodies most theaters carry like popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy, and cold drinks. What Cinemark has that others don't is, Pizza Hut Pizza! They are 9" individual sized pizzas and carry cheese, pepperoni or pepperoni jalapeño. Any guesses what pizza I went with?


They have two XD Auditoriums. These theaters are oversized, have wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screens and their custom surround sound is amazing. During the movies fight scenes I felt as if I was right in the movie!

Other additional upgrades include the improvement of the interior and exterior appearance of the theater, refurbished carpet and new paint.

Ticket Purchasing

Finally, this amazing theater also has the convenience of purchasing advance movie tickets and online seat reservation. Seriously, It doesn't get any better.

Popcorn Lovers

This isn't new to Cinemark but definitely important enough to cover. If you're a popcorn lover then you are in luck! You can get a refill of popcorn on the same day with your receipt after a purchase of a large fountain drink and popcorn!

If you’re a regular movie goer, enjoy discounted refills throughout 2019! This is what I suggest:

What do you think about the renovations? They look and sound incredible right? I suggest you experience it all on your own and pay this theater a visit for your next movie experience. Just like at our last Cinemark experience, the service was impeccable and the staff went above and beyond to assist our group.

I can't wait to visit this theater again, this time with my family to show them everything I have been raving about. We already purchased our upcoming movie tickets. No need to worry about rushing to get good seats because we purchased them ahead of time and picked our seats. Any guesses what movie my family and I will be watching next? I'll give you a clue... one of the main characters would melt over these newly installed heat warmers haha.

Talk to you later!

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