This beach is a must! Take a boogie board because the small and gentle waves made it perfect for this activity. It's also conveniently located in front of several shops you can easily walk to for lunch or do a little shopping. This beach stretch is separated into Park I, II, III. I recommend park I as it's the one known for sea turtle sightings. You can also see lots of fish swimming around you so snorkeling is also great in this area.

Good Eats

Maui has some of the best food! Specially their melt in your mouth poke. Here are some of the restaurants we loved during our visit!

Things To Do In Maui Besides The Beach

Maui Pineapple Farm Tour

This is the one and only working Pineapple Farm in Maui. We did the Pineapple Farm Tour where we learned the history, culture, and hard work that goes into producing this deliciously sweet fruit. The tour started in an air conditioned bus that took us to the processing factory where we learned all about how they hand pick, test, sort and package the pineapples. Fun fact: All who visit get a free pineapple that is packaged and is allowed to bring back home.

After learning the process by our exceptional and very friendly tour guide Ken, we drove out to the fields. First off, the views from the field are one of a kind. You are able to see the ocean and one of Maui's beautiful mountains, Pu'u Kukui. Ken, our tour guide then explained the pineapples growing cycle and we were able to see the pineapples in all cycles.

At the end we were given the opportunity to taste these delicious and sweet pineapples machete cut straight from the field. Alexia was our tour guide's little helper so she earned an extra pineapple from uncle Ken...Score! Paid off to have a chatter box with us lol.

Tickets are $75/adult and $65 for kids 3-12 years of age. Whole tour took 1 1/2 hours. Bathrooms were available at processing factory and Porta potty available at the field. You can only find these delicious pineapples in Maui. To order some pineapples or to purchase tickets head on over to

Old Lahaina Luau

This was our second visit to this amazing experience and it was just as great as the first time.

They started by greeting us with a beautiful fresh flower Lei and escorted us to our seats. We had the option of choosing to sit at a table with chairs or Traditional seating around the stage in a low table cross legged on a cushion. This time we went with a traditional Luau seating and it was fun but whatever you find more comfortable is perfectly fine.

The views are great no matter where you sit. We were able to walk around to take some pictures and even watch the sunset right before dinner.

Our visit included unlimited traditional cocktails and beverages, a 5 course dinner, and a beautiful productions of legendary music and dances that took us on a magical journey through the history of Hawaii and its people.

The dances are always so amazing to watch and this is definitely a must when visiting. Prices may vary based on dates and seating options. For details head on over to Old Lahaina Luau .

Banyan Tree In Lahaina

The Banyan Tree known in Hawaiian as Paniana, located in the Courthouse Square, which was renamed Banyan Tree Park. Covering 1.94 acres, is not only the largest in the state but also in the United States. It was cool to see since we were in the area and it was decorated for the Holidays. We did go at night and it's in a very active part of town across from some restaurant/bars so you are sure to run into some characters. It's massive and definitely cool to see if you're in the area.

Haleakala Crater Visit-

This is a must during your visit to Maui. It is the most popular attraction in Upcountry Maui and after visiting I understand why. The views from 10,000 feet above sea level were amazing. Not only can you see panoramic out of this world landscapes but you can also find one of a kind animals and plants. There is an option to visit and experience the sunrise or sunset. They do require you purchase tickets ahead of time to experience the sunrise and unfortunately those tickers were all sold out during our visit but you can check this site if you are planning to visit and want to purchase sunrise tickets The next most beautiful view is the sunset! We got to experience the sunset and star gaze.

There is a $30 dollar fee to enter the park and from Kihei to the National park it was about an hour drive. Up to the summit was another 20 minutes. The road is very winding the whole way so keep that in mind. The road up there was very well taken care of and at no point did I feel unsafe.

There are cows crossing the road and we definitely had to stop for a few to drive carefully to avoid any accidents. Very important to know, once up the mountain it gets very cold. I mean like 35 degrees cold or colder so come very warm. Dress as if you are going to the snow. It also gets very windy so be prepared. We had a friend warn us and we were very well prepared. There were people there in shorts and were miserable so please come prepared to fully enjoy your experience. There are some restrooms once you get all the way up to the summit but we didn't use them to see their condition. For more information visit

The weather is very different 10,000 feet above sea level so on our first attempt we weren't able to make it all the way up due to the rain. We wouldn't have seen any of the spectacular views so we decided to drive back down. Make sure you check the weather upcountry before going or booking. We did however get to experience this beautiful rainbow all throughout our drive so I would say our attempt was well worth day.

Wailea Ocean Front Boardwalk Trail

This trail goes along some of the most beautiful ocean front resorts in Maui with spectacular beach and ocean views. It's a 3.5 mile out and back trail near Kihei for all skill levels. Free parking is accessible south of the Grand Wailea Resort. We have flagged the parking lot on the map down below and you will easily find the trail. Definitely wear sunblock because it is a full sun trail with no shade.

Google Map

Here is the link to the Google map we used with all the destinations mentioned in this blog. They have all been saved and marked Maui Ultimate Google Map

Where We Stayed

During our first visit we stayed in Wailea at the Wailea Beach Resort Marriott and fell in love with this area. This time we decided to have our first Airbnb experience and I was not disappointed. I wanted to stay fairly close to Wailea since this side of the island is a little more calm and family friendly from what we have experienced from our first visit. We found a little condo through Airbnb in Kihei which is right across the street from the beach and is located right in the middle on what we wanted to explore. We absolutely loved this area. It was perfect for our stay! We stayed at a newly Updated Studio steps from the beach that sleeps 3 guest. They have 1 king bed and a sofa bed that was perfect for Alexia. The studio was clean and well kept. The host Gracie and Hannah were always available to answer any questions and even recommend some places for us to visit before our visit. During our whole stay the area was quiet and we had no issues. Inside the studio they had everything we needed and more. They provided everything we needed plus lots of extras like beach towels, Tommy Bahamas beach chairs, beach umbrella, small cooler, boogie boards, and even sand toys. All these extras were very much appreciated and we used them all. This condo is also just minutes away from lots of delicious restaurants which we ate at most of the time. Also not far from Costco, Target and Walmart. If you are interested in checking out this Studio you can follow this link

If you are a bigger family I highly recommend you check out Airbnb for some other great condos around this area at a great price. If you'd rather go with a resort, Wailea Beach Resort Marriott is a great option and beautiful. Having had both experiences, here's my thought. If you are looking to explore and adventure around the Island an Airbnb is a great option and much more affordable. If you are looking for a more relaxing lounge around at the beach and pool vacation, a resort is probably more suitable for you. Decide what kind of vacation you are looking for and go from there.

Car Rental

If you're coming out to explore the island, which I highly recommend you do, a rental is a must. We searched everywhere and we found the best deal at Discount Hawaii Car Rental. We had absolutely no issues with them and you can talk to a live person at 1-800-292-1930 or local 808 292-1930. Make sure to mention if you are looking for a specific car and they will find you the best deal. We went with a red Jeep and Alexia has decided this is the car she wants when she grows up...not a bad choice kiddo lol

We've traveled to several different locations but there's just something about this Island that makes us fall in love with it all over again every time we visit. After our first visit we knew we had to come back and we are so happy we did, only these other visits have been as a family. We wanted her to fall in love with the Maui just like we had the first time and she absolutely did. Everything about this Island is amazing. The love for their culture, their respect for nature, their beautiful destinations and their delicious food. We had an amazing experience and my wish is that you have the same experience we had. Hope you find this post helpful and have fun planning and visiting this piece of paradise.

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